The American Princess Cruises “NY’s #1 WHALE WATCHER” is proud to announce our “15th SEASON” of WHALING ADVENTURES HAS BEGUN!!!   We expect this season to be yet another AWESOME ONE ( 2023 season~ 95+% sightings!) 

So come hop aboard and experience an American Princess Adventure! * WHALE WATCHING IS WHAT WE DO*

Fall Offshore Pelagic Bird Marine & Wildlife Trip 10/23/2023 (approx. 24 hours)

When Monday October 23, 2023 departing Sunday October 22, 2023 (see dates)
Location Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY Pier 3
Departure Point Pier 3 - Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (see location directions)
We will explore the deep offshore waters up to and possibly beyond the edge of the Continental Shelf and the Hudson Canyon waters. This ultra-deep trip coincides with pelagic migration. Last year’s highlighted sighting this time of the year was a NYS Record, Bermuda Petrel (Cahow).
There is a good chance for a variety of species including many that we expect in summer, like Black-capped Petrel. Going at this time is underexplored but Cory’s, Great, Manx, and Audubon’s Shearwaters are possible with a better chance for Manx than in summer. Storm-petrels are still possible though likely less common. Both South Polar and Great Skua are possible on this date, jaegers should be more likely, Sabine’s Gull while rare is more likely, Kittiwakes may be arriving, and Red Phalarope becomes more expected than Red-necked. At this time of year there’s also a good chance for migrant songbirds coming to the boat.
Deep water cetaceans are always possible on these overnight trips like Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, several species of Mesoplodon Beaked Whale, Atlantic Spotted, Offshore Bottlenose, Striped, Common, and Risso’s Dolphin, and Pilot Whale. Fin, Humpback, and Minke Whales are possible though more likely in shallower water. Sowerby’s Beaked Whale was well photographed on our trip in August.
This trip is approximately 24-hours. Capacity is limited. Reservations are required.
Boarding begins at 7:00 PM on Sunday evening, October 22nd, sailing time is 8:00pm. Passengers will board in the order in which their booking was received.
After checking in, passengers will board one at a time and be able to choose a location on the boat for their belongings and an area to sleep, etc. (example one side of each table).
After your reservation is booked, we will send a trip disclaimer that will need to be signed and sent back as acknowledgment and agreement.

Click here for a list of items you may want to bring on this trip.

Fuel surcharge may apply.

 Great Shearwater


October 23, 2023Departs Sunday 10/22 at 8PM and returns Monday 10/23 at approx 8PM


$335 per person
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• All sales are final and non-refundable
• Our captains and crew work diligently to make every trip a success. We have a 90% sighting rate of a whale and/or dolphin. However, sightings are not guaranteed.
• Cruises are Rain or Shine
• There is a 24-hour cancellation policy
• In the event of a cancellation, customer is responsible for making another reservation
• Check our WEBSITE ALERTS for cancellations & daily cruise status
• Ticket purchases are good only for the 2023 – Special Offshore Pelagic Trip (departing Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 8PM and returning Monday October 23, 2023 at approx 8PM)
• Your proof of purchase (PayPal receipt/Credit Card receipt/voucher) will serve as your ticket
• You do NOT need a PayPal account to make purchases through PayPal
• Coolers and outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited
• Passengers subject to search (as permitted by the US Coast Guard)
• Captain’s recommendation: Due to NYC traffic we advise that you plan to arrive 90 minutes before the departure time
• All trips are subject to availability and American Princess Cruises reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time
• Fuel surcharge may apply

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