The American Princess Cruises “NY’s #1 WHALE WATCHER” is proud to announce our “15th SEASON” of WHALING ADVENTURES HAS BEGUN!!!   We expect this season to be yet another AWESOME ONE ( 2023 season~ 95+% sightings!) 

So come hop aboard and experience an American Princess Adventure! * WHALE WATCHING IS WHAT WE DO*

Pelagic Bird & Marine Wildlife Exploration Trip



12-Hr. Spring Pelagic Bird & Marine Wildlife Exploration Trip – 4/6/24

April is an understudied time of year in our pelagic waters, with potential for an interesting mix of winter residents still in the area, large numbers of migrants, and birds achieving breeding plumage. This trip will be targeting pelagic waters out 20-50 miles. Targets include continuing alcids like Atlantic Puffin, Dovekie, Razorbill, and murres, Northern Fulmar, Sooty and Manx Shearwater, Pomarine Jaeger, Black-legged Kittiwake, and gulls. Cetaceans at this time of the year can include Humpback, Fin, and Minke Whales, Common Dolphin, and possibly Atlantic White-sided Dolphin.

On past trips we’ve found the adult Northern Gannets to be in their gorgeous breeding plumage, with that burnt yellowish head and nape coloration becoming much stronger than in winter. In fact all sub-adult plumages show this increased color as well. Some alcids are moving into breeding plumage as well and the bill and feet of adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls can be stunningly bright. These can all provide excellent photography opportunities.

Come on out and help us explore this early spring period and see what we can find!


Saturday April 6, 20246AM - 6PM approx (boarding time 5:30AM)
Inclement Weather Date - Sun 4/7/246AM - 6PM approx (boarding time 5:30AM)


$185 per person (Crew gratuities are not included in the price)
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