The American Princess Cruises “NY’s #1 WHALE WATCHER” is proud to announce our “15th SEASON” of WHALING ADVENTURES HAS BEGUN!!!   We expect this season to be yet another AWESOME ONE ( 2023 season~ 95+% sightings!) 

So come hop aboard and experience an American Princess Adventure! * WHALE WATCHING IS WHAT WE DO*

New York City’s Original Whale Watching Adventure Cruise

So there’s Whale Watching…. and then there’s WHALE WATCHING at its finest with American Princess Cruises!

The American Princess is New York City’s original whale and dolphin watching vessel and the only company in the New York area to whale watch full time!

Join us for a Whale Watching & Dolphin Adventure Cruise where no two adventures are the same! Each trip is mapped out daily by old-salt-whalers using data compiled by a group of 24/7 tri-state area mammal spotters.  Today we could skirt the shore of the Rockaways, head into Raritan Bay, head southwest down the New Jersey shores, perhaps sail east towards Long Island or just head out into the open waters just a few miles off the shore. Don’t worry though, we are always within sight of land and that FAMOUS New York City skyline.

In the 12 seasons the American Princess has been whale watching the captains have achieved over 97% sightings. With over 100 years experience between the captains they know where to find the whales and dolphins that inhabit the waters of New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

In addition to our day trips we offer sunset whale watches during the summer. There is nothing like watching a whale fluke, feed or jump out of the water or dolphins playing with each other behind that golden glow that only comes from the summer sun and pastel clouds.

We also offer several “Seafari” expeditions, extended day (8-10 hour) offshore trips. While whales and dolphins are often the stars of our trips, the Seafaris focus on all the wildlife in our area from whale and dolphins to birds, sharks and even sea turtles!

Our experienced crew are experts at spotting whales and dolphins. Well-versed naturalists guide every whale watch adventure cruise. We are also proud members/participants of Whale SENSE, a voluntary program sponsored by NOAA Fisheries (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

We are involved with whale research and advocacy efforts. Data collected during all our whale watch excursions is shared with Gotham Whale, a local research and advocacy group who takes the data and maps the whales’ locations and behaviors for analysis.

Looking for a private charter? We can do that too! We can pick up your group and drop them off just about anywhere in the NYC/Upper New Jersey area! The American Princess is capable of transporting up to 250 passengers comfortably. There is outdoor seating on the lower deck and a covered open air upper deck. We have a spacious cabin with plenty of seating, heating, air conditioning as well as broadcast TV. Have a video that you would like to show? The TV’s can interface with laptops for streaming videos to your guests. A bar and galley is available as well. For charters we can arrange a cash or open bar and catering options are available.

What are you waiting for?! Come and join American Princess Cruises for a New York City Whale Watching Adventure Cruise! No need to travel to Massachusetts anymore. As the captains say, “Rockaway is the new Cape Cod!”

We look forward to serving you and showing you the wonderful wildlife right here in our own backyard!