The American Princess Cruises “NY’s #1 WHALE WATCHER” is proud to announce our “15th SEASON” of WHALING ADVENTURES HAS BEGUN!!!   We expect this season to be yet another AWESOME ONE ( 2023 season~ 95+% sightings!) 

So come hop aboard and experience an American Princess Adventure! * WHALE WATCHING IS WHAT WE DO*

Making Reservations with Groupons (Restrictions Apply)

Posted 4/27/18

Great news: May & June Groupon reservations are currently being accepted via our website, or at the boat on the day of the Adventure.  The Groupons being accepted right now have an expiration date of June 30, 2018.

To make a reservation:

Please start by either using the link in the email Groupon sent you, which also contains your voucher(s), or by simply clicking on the Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventure link.

Once you’re there, scroll down to our calendar and click on the Adventure in May or June that you’re interested in and fill in the requested info. Please remember to select adult tickets for every person using a Groupon – even for a child or a senior. Also please make sure you have selected Voucher as your Payment Method.

Once you have correctly selected the above, spots will appear for you to enter your voucher code(s) (see Groupon email). Important to note: Each person using a Groupon will have their own voucher code containing a series of different numbers/letters. Example: 2 person deal = 2 vouchers having different voucher codes on each one; 4 person deal = 4 vouchers with a different code on all 4.

If you feel that you did not receive the correct number of vouchers/codes, please contact Groupon.

Please call our office to make a reservation with an expired Groupon, discount ticket, free ticket or gift certificate… OR simply bring them down to the boat with you on the day of the adventure and see our boarding agent. Additional fees may apply with expired Groupons.